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Total Talent Community Management - Gettting the Most Out of Your Network
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With FuseologyTM, mid-sized and enterprise businesses that hire dozens to hundreds of contractors can now take advantage of an integrated solution for contingent, freelance and full-time employees. Businesses can import their existing network of talent into a Private Talent Community. This means that known workers are contacted first for any new positions. In addition to a Private Talent Community, we set up Strategic Communities that are based upon specific skills, geography, or other key components. Setting up Talent Communities and using Recruitment Automation has been a hot topic in Talent Acquisition blogs recently because of the time and cost savings that they offer. In short, with AI/Machine Learning, and Marketing Automation, Fuseology can nurture and build a reliable source of talent, thereby shortening the hiring process. The success of Fuseology begins at the top of the recruitment funnel, where the more people that can be approached, the better. Fuseology has access to a vast amount of people and uses AI technology that provides more relevant matches between candidates and jobs. It offers meaningful insight into the people data (skills, roles, geographies, and others) that make up the community.

The vast majority of any talent community will not be a match for an existing job or if a match, will not be interested at the exact moment when the job is available. However, with Fuseology, the idea is to keep candidates interested and maintain brand awareness so that when they are ready, your brand is at the top of their mind. Keeping candidates interested does not mean distributing a list of available jobs each week. Engagement campaigns require detailed knowledge of the brand and culture, along with advanced planning to make sure that the content is relevant and interesting to the talent community.

Another advantage to using Fuseology is that the management of the talent community resides with us. We are responsible for developing the engagement content. Very much like using a marketing firm to create campaigns, we will present for approval the creative ideas for how we plan to keep your talent communities interested and engaged. This relives the problem of whom and what department will manage the system internally within your company, particularly if you are short on resources.

Finally, AI and machine learning is a great tool but technology without a human touch can be damaging. All communications, voice and messaging, shouldn’t be robotic. We work to humanize your company and brand so that, even though sourcing is occurring in a bulk format, it still comes across as being customized, personable and human.

Talk with us if you would like to learn more about how Fuseology can help shorten your recruiting time and save money.