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Skill Clouds
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Skill Cloud Recruiting

Skill-based Talent Clouds are used as a way of finding and validating talent that meets a company’s specific criteria in terms of skill set, industry, time frame, or geographical location. These types of communities are broader and pull in appropriate talent from traditional sources. All candidates opt-in so that they are actively involved in the process. We actively curate these skill-based communities to source candidates from recruiting campaigns, job boards, email, and text campaigns. These types of communities are useful when a company needs a large pool of a specific type of worker or many workers for a specific time frame or reason.

Skill Cloud Recruiting

Our curation managers use AI technology and associated analytics to design pinpoint campaigns using customized landing pages and other assets to attract the appropriate candidates. They set up strategic talent communities based on past successful employees, and use that data to target and filter new appropriate candidates. As additional workers are needed, the same matching profile is used to develop targeting criteria to source across multiple platforms. Possible candidates are vetted, asked to opt-in to the community and matched to your current position.


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